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3 photos in a movie film style frame, Michelle Mary Schaefer kisses Annabelle Louise, a small brown amd gray dog. Michelle Mary Schaefer in a fall forest, green eyes bright in sun against her green shirt. Michelle holds Annabelle, who is flopped upside down happily in her arms, in front of a lake.

Michelle Mary Schaefer founded Annabelle Louise Productions.

The production company is named after her dog, Annabelle Louise, who provides unconditional love and support during Schaefer's journey.


Michelle Mary Schaefer is an Actor, Creator, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, ASL consultant, and Intimacy Director/Coordinator who is Deaf. She does not allow her Deafness to stop her from following her passions and bringing authentic stories to life for all of you. Schaefer has been working extremely hard in the industry for years, overcoming barriers and that journey has shifted her focus to set up Annabelle Louise Productions. She aims to make a difference; to produce more authentic stories and create more opportunity for genuine representation, both on and off-screen. And with this production company, Schaefer aims to make a difference and create more opportunities for everyone onscreen and behind the screen.


Michelle Mary Schaefer's Creativity
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