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Upcoming Projects:

Destiny by Michelle Mary Schaefer

Destiny is an original Screenplay written by
Michelle Mary Schaefer. The project is currently in development, working with Brandon Lee Torres, Elran Ofir, Gina Torres, Jason Matthews, and Martha Anger. 

Always Natalie is Michelle Mary Schaefer's complete TV series and is currently in development.

Always Natalie by Michelle Mary Schaefer

Several other projects are also in development.
Annabelle Louise Productions is excited to continue bringing authentic stories to all of you.

Complete Project:
Annabelle Louise Productions Presents Babe to Blocked

A beautiful talented Deaf actor, Kat Gellar falls in love with the stage manager, Lex. Kat longs for human connection, and genuine love where communication isn't a barrier. Lex is a full package, with sex, love, and the beauty of communication in American Sign Language. They have dreams, and there is the love that Kat and Lex have with each other and a bright future. This all changes when Lex couldn't handle her past and Kat's love for her. Then suddenly it's: Babe to Blocked, is it too late for them?


The film is currently being submitted to Film Festivals.

Projects Currently Editing:
Annabelle Louise Productions presents It's a Match
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